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Dronfield Parish Chamber Choir
and Dronfield Parish Chorale


As well as the Full Church Choir, we also have two other choral groups that look more to the

future with the members all being under retirement age.

During COVID, due to the government rules that were in place, we had to learn now to make

music with small groups because amateur choirs were - at one stage - capped at a size of six!

Out of this restriction was born The Dronfield Parish Chorale. This is a group that is capable 

of learning and singing some more challenging music. The group usually has two sopranos, 

two altos, one tenor and one bass and there is currently a pool of nine singers that have been involved.


Below is a picture of the group singing at a service during Holy Week in 2023.



In September 2022 we also formed The Dronfield Parish Chamber Choir. This group sings approximately once per month and this reduced level of time commitment has meant that is has

been possible for some other younger, capable singers to join and support the music of the church. A number of them were in the Full Choir as children, so it has been wonderful to welcome them

back into the music of the church.


Below is a picture of the group taken before the Advent Carol Service in 2022.

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