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Dronfield Parish Young Voices

Dronfield Parish Young Voices is a community choir, open to all children in School Years 3 - 7.

The simple aim of the group is for the children to:
"Have fun while learning to sing."

We meet on Mondays evenings in Dronfield Civic Hall at 5:45pm. 
Please click on this link to a leaflet for further details.

The group is led by Clara Coslett and Rob Aldread who are both qualified musicians and  experienced in working with children.

Below is a short video of the children having a great time with Clara on her first session with the group on 14th March 2022.


Below are links to the words and music of some of the songs that we are learning and singing this term:

Bad Cinderella
2. How Far I'll Go
3. I Know I Have A Heart
4. Symphony
5. Surface Pressure
6. When I Grow Up
7. We Don't Talk About Bruno


Practice Files

In June 2021, we were able to reconvene sessions back in the Civic Hall. Below are some pictures and videos of the group from some of the sessions. As you can see, the children are having a lot of fun!

During the pandemic, we adapted and learned some IT skills to help keep the group together. Below are some of the videos that we made to help celebrate the achievements of the children.

On 15th March 2020 the Young Voices were part of an amazing community event called Lift Your Voices together with the Ladies Voices and the award-winning US singer / songwriter Jenn Bostic. Below are some pictures and videos.

Thank You to Chris Parker Photography for the great pictures in the first gallery.