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LATEST NEWS: Since mid-March the group has not been able to meet due to the COVID-19 situation, however a number of the children have recently worked together to make two AMAZING videos as a Virtual Choir:



The Dronfield Parish Young Voices is a community choir, open to all children in Years 3-7. There's currently no charge and we meet on on Mondays, 5:45pm - 7:00pm in Dronfield Civic Hall.

  This choir started in January 2019 and we are delighted that 50+ children from 12 schools are now attending. Please click on this link to a leaflet for  further details.

The group is led by Debbie Castles and Rob Aldread who are both qualified musicians and  experienced in working with children.

On 15th March 2020 the Young Voices were part of an amazing community event called Lift Your Voices together with the Ladies Voices and the award-winning US singer / songwriter Jenn Bostic. Below are some pictures and videos.

Thank You to Chris Parker Photography for the great pictures in the first gallery. 

On 7th December 2019 we had our Christmas Tree Festival concert in Church. Over 200 people attended and it raised £604! Here is a link to the programme and below are some pictures:

Here are some MP3 files of some of the songs from the concert:

Spooky Medley7thDecMP3.mp3
Christmas Medley_7thDecMP3.mp3
Merry Christmas Everybody_7thDecMP3.mp3
O Christmas Tree_7thDecMP3.mp3
Jingle Bells_7thDecMP3.mp3

In July we said goodbye to Olivia, our first ever Vocal Coach as she moved to London. Here are some picture from the last few Monday sessions:

On Sat 11th May the Young Voices held their first ever concert in Dronfield Parish Church and over 200 people attended. Here are some pictures:

In April we held a singing workshop in the Church and we had pizza and chips during the break. Everyone had fun. Here are some pictures: 


Here are links to the three Pop Idol video files for the children to sing along to to make their videos:


1. Part 1 - for all first names beginning A - H

2. Part 2 - for all first names begining with I - N

3. Part 3 - for all first names beginning with O - Z

Here are the instructions:

1. Practice singing the song using the applicable practice file. Please pay particular attention to learning the ending so we all have a good finish together!

2. Then, once you’re ready to do your best performance and make your video, play the video accompaniment file in an earpiece or some headphones (so it can’t be heard) and sing along and do the actions while someone else records you on a smart phone or a tablet. It will work best if you can have the earpiece in just one ear so you can hear yourself sing.

3. If you can, please send the video file to me on WhatApp, but if that's not possible you can try emailing it ( or sending me a link to a shared folder. If you can't find a solution, give me a shout and I will try to help.

4. If you're singing Part 2 or Part 3 there will be a short section where you aren't singing. I encourage you to be creative and make something up to do during this, but be ready to come back in at the right time!

5. This song is all about going on TV to do an audition, so I encourage you all to get into character and to look and act the part as you make your videos. How you might do this is completely up to you!

6. Try not to be nervous about how you might sound singing by yourself; as you'll have now seen from the Lost in Space video it will sound AMAZING when you are all mixed together!

7. Have fun!

The deadline for sending in your video is Monday 11th May. I hope you will all have a go! Good luck!



Below are links to some YouTube files to help the Young Voices learn the songs:

1. Goin' Up A Yonder

2. Dona Nobis Pacem

3. What Love Feels Like (Jenn Bostic)

    (i) Practice File

    (ii) Recording of the Song 

4. Thank You For The Music

And here are links to some of the word sheets:

1. Goin' Up A Yonder

2. Dona Nobis Pacem

3. Pop Idol

4. What Love Feels Like (Jenn Bostic)

5. Thank You For The Music

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